Terms and conditions


Our site has no connection with the law agencies or companies. We are not using this site to discover data with the purpose to use it against the websites operators or against other third parties like web marketers, users or others. We try to protect websites and not use harmful actions against them . We follow the laws and we do use a doctor prescription if this is required by the law. Clients that want to purchase from our site must have minimum of 21 years old.

Goods delivery

We send the orders by Regular Airmail , and when receiving them, the customers must sign for receiving, for security purposes. In case your package did not arrive on time, let us know about this. We humbly ask you to write to us an email about the situation in order to serve you the best way. If it happens that you lost your order ID, you must send us your name, the address, and the shipping date. This information would help us aid our clients in a better way.

Delivery Time

The time of shipping and delivery to USA is about 7-21 days. The European delivery time is about 7-14 days. In case the purchase is lost in customs or is seized at customs, please write us a mail to inform us about the issue, so we could help you resolve this issue in the best amicable way.

Shipping info

The moment the payment is confirmed, the order will be shipped within 1-5 days except weekend and holiday days. If the order is too big, it will be divided into two or more packages, so they will be shipped on different days. The arrival date will be later with couple of days. For security reasons we send the packages by Registered Regular Airmail.

Order cancellation

In case you want to cancel the order, you must do it within 12 hours from the time of payment. To stop the purchase, write us a ticket and tell us your name, order ID, shipping address. If you forget to do this, the products will be shipped and delivered to you.


Information we have on the site is kept private and safe in conformity with the European Laws. Our clients data is protected and is not used with the purpose of showing it to other parties, even official organizations.

Claims & Refund

It may happen that the order may not be delivered to your place because it was lost on the way or it was confiscated at customs. If the order is seized at customs, you must send us the seizure letter so we could reship the order for free. If the order doesn't get to you in 25 days, be sure you inform us about the situation and we will resolve the problem as soon as possible. Take into consideration that we do not ship to these locations : Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, Sweden.

The client is responsible in taking care of the customs fees and other obligations.


If you have any medical condition(s), you are required to consult your doctor before using this product. We would not be held liable for any adverse problems which may arise from the abuse or misuse of this product.

When ordering steroids, you must bear in mind that this is not an ordinary commodity. You have must understand and accept all risks associated with the delivery of the goods. There are risks and we make our customers aware of it. The goods can be confiscated by the customs of your country. On our part, we are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening. We pack in a special package, we use small packages. If the order is large, we ship in several packages (the shipping price does not change).