Thaiger Pharma Product Comparison – Which One Is For You?

The information in this article is meant to help you pick the best option and decide which one of the existing medications is the best one for you. Since Thaiger Pharma is quite new to the international online steroids market you might be unaware of the product range, variety and offers.

Read on to find out what we have to offer and whether you need to try our stuff. Remember that we do stand behind every word as good reputation and customer loyalty are everything for

For Bulking

When you want to get more muscle mass you should use sports steroids that boost metabolism and stimulate nitrogen retention, for example trenbolone or testosterone, depending what your preferences are.

Ripex, SU-350, C-Ject, Androx, Pronorm all contain various testosterone esters making them a great option for when you need more muscle mass. Another advantage is that all testosterone esters metabolise into pure testosterone indistinguishable from the one your body produces naturally.

Maxtren, Ripex, Finexal or Hetroxyl all contain trenbolone which is roughly five times as potent as testosterone. They are good for a rapid and powerful mass gain with no damage to the liver. Trenbolone is just as effective for cutting cycles when you want to get a lean dry body. The bulking medications are:

And just in case injectable steroids are not your thing Thaiger Pharma has some amazing options for you. Oral steroids like Xythozen, Debolon or Flumeston will also help you get beefed up quite rapidly. And by the way oral anabolics are just as potent as the injectable ones.

There is not much difference between the oral and injectable drugs. It is just that some medications can get metabolised in the liver, that means they do not even get to reach the bloodstream. This is why you have various administration forms. But oral steroids can be even more potent than the injectables.

For Cutting

Athletes reduce body fat very carefully, always trying to preserve all the precious muscle tissue they've been working so hard on. If you are looking for some real quality anabolic steroids for your cutting cycle we have some nice options for you.

Methenolone, nandrolone, boldenone, drostanolone, stanozolol are some of the most thought after injectable steroids great for getting lean and dry. Thaiger Pharma has got some amazing options for your shredding cycle or when you want to get ready for the competition:

Oral steroids like Tureck, Xandrol or Stormbear are also amazing when it comes to flushing down excess liquid and getting lean. So as you can see anyone can find great options. The pills are just as potent as injectables. All products are of great quality so if you follow the correct dosage you will not have to worry about adverse effects.

Do not forget that any steroids course no matter if it is for getting lean or beefing up needs a separate course of post steroid therapy.

Weight Loss

If your ultimate goal is to just lose some weight and get a few sizes smaller think about clenbuterol which is not a steroid although it is amazing for stimulating metabolism. Or you can also use fat melting steroids like boldenone or drostanolone to help your body get rid of the fat cells more efectively. Thaiger Pharma options for people wanting to lose weight:

But remember that there is no magic pill and every fat loss medication works best in combination with a diet and a workout plan.

And Even More To Love

Another cool thing about Thaiger Pharma products is that the company is really innovative and creative coming up with some new blends and products that haven't even existed on the market before.

For example Ripex is a blend of three extremely potent steroids with different effects. Now you can have trenbolone together with testosterone and drostanolon. This is a one of a kind product that is good for both bulking and shredding. Basically you get beefed up while also flushing down the water. Plus you get to have more energy than ever before.

Or SU-350 which is so potent it contains 350 mg of different testosterone esters in every ampoule. And when it comes to Thaiger Pharma you know that the content of the medication is exactly the same as stated on the package.


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Probably you have already tried to make your own research and find some unbiased opinions about the medications we sell.

Thaiger Pharma Product Comparison – Which One Is For You?
Thaiger Pharma Product Comparison – Which One Is For You?

The information in this article is meant to help you pick the best option and decide which one of the