Steroids For Rookies: 7 Main Tips

Steroid hormones require attentive and responsible approach. Before you start with the first course make sure to learn the following.

The Rules
  • Any sports steroids course should not last for more than 12 weeks. After that you have a break for 12 weeks. This way you rotate your anabolic cycles with resting periods.
  • Make sure you consult a physician before your course as every medication is different and every human is different.
  • Any AAS dosage is gradually raised towards the middle of the course. And then steadily decreased towards the end of the course.
  • Remember that testicular hormone steroids are not a solution to make your muscles grow. They can only help you achieve greater results and help you retain the progress after the course.
  • You have to include a few different drugs in one course. This way you can avoid adverse reaction and increase the benefits.
  • Do not abuse the dosage. If you take more than what is prescribed you might end up with an adverse result plus some nasty secondary effects.
  • Remember to also take your PCT to minimize liver damage, normalize blood pressure and level out your uncontrived hormones.
Something To Remember

You have to have some experience in bodybuilding before you move on to start your first steroid course. Make sure you have at least 50% muscle tissue in your body. Remember that you must be over 21 as this is the age threshold when your uncontrived levels stabilize. Before 21 you produce enough testosterone without the need for additional therapy.